Sunnie Toh

Presentation Trainer

Sylvia is amazing! Unexpectedly amazing. Her dedicated professionalism in the coaching – forever on-time, structured approaches, worked from end in mind, analytical with effective methodologies – allow me to follow through in a conducive, positive and comfortable learning emotion. Being resourceful, Sylvia has too much to offer, she links me up to the right community and people. I have a big leap in my self-discovery, discovering my dark world - my limiting belief, my away values , which helped to redefine myself and re-set my goals. I appreciate the sense of security, great trust and 24 x 7 support Sylvia gave to me, even after the completion of coaching session.​

As a coach, Sylvia is my #1 thumbs up recommendation to anyone out there!

She unlocked my potential.

Thank you so much Sylvia.


Natalie Guo

Personal Wealth Planner

Sylvia is an incredibly caring and amazing coach. Her values-centered guidance challenged me to think beyond my limits. During our session, she has non-stop in inspiring and motivating me to live a life in congruency with my values and passions.

Her uplifting, positive, and fun personality make her easy to open up to and wonderful to work with.


Willie Pang

Marketing and Communications Design

Passionate. Intuitive. Responsive. From our first coaching session together, Sylvia helped me clarify my thoughts on my career transition simply by knowing what my core values are.

After realigning my values, I gain so much clarity and start to understand what has been holding me back and I know exactly what to do to move forward. She helped me see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ by breaking down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions.

I would highly recommend Sylvia as both a personal coach and a performance coach. Her follow-through is remarkable, as is her steadfast positive attitude. I would definitely work with her again!


Colin Pugh

TMB Thanachart Bank

I have had the pleasure to be coached by Sylvia on numerous occasions. I have always found her to have a very gentle and kind approach that makes for a very comfortable atmosphere to talk without judgement. While coaching can be an uncomfortable and confronting experience at times (for me and depending on the topic), this space that she is able to create allows those feelings and obstacles to go which allows me to move forward and get to the real topics. She has an exceptional skill at asking the right questions at the right time and in the right way that allowed me to see things differently and think about things differently which has helped me to move forward.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sylvia to anyone is looking for coaching to help them achieve their goals in life.


Sam Ngoi

Project Development Director

Its really amazing how in just one session and by just answering questions, I found some important answers to my own life, discover what my values are and now I am more motivated to live a life I truly wanted.

It was my first coaching experience and I have to say working with Sylvia is easy.

The non-judgemental atmosphere that Sylvia create allow me to dive deep and face my own issues. And she can hear what I didnt say and challenge me to step beyond my comfort zone.

Its as amazing as now I know my purpose and I know I have been living a life pleasing others, it is time I live my own life.


Naoe Miyata

Business Designer

For me, Sylvia can be a friendly figure as well as motherly figure, who try to dig deeper into my unconscious mind by asking the right questions.

She allows me to talk freely and by the time you realize it, she makes complicated challenges into clear and simplified format that I believe I can achieve.

I love how she also follows up by making a summary note to keep me motivated and focused. I had several AHA moments during Sylvia’s sessions.

I feel her passion to help others, which makes me feel safe, comfortable and excited to maximize my potentials.


Nurzaila Ahmad Suffian

Personal Assistant to Executive Director

Sylvia has helped me to focus and prioritize. I have been able to look at problems in a different way, thus finding meaningful solutions.

I would like to thank Sylvia for coaching me. Your style and method are very effective by helping me refocus on my energies and complete some major goals in my busy life. As a result of your coaching, I take actions that maximize my results and spend minimal amounts of time and side issues. I am also blessed with your ongoing humor, wisdom and graciousness which are a wonderful role model at any time.


Rony Lum

Fitness Coach

I have to say working with Sylvia was really great. She always smiling, showing positive energy and very helpful.​

The journey of self discovery that I am on motivates and inspires me everyday and with the guidance of Sylvia I have been able to start learning about who I am and in which direction I want my life to go.

Thanks again Sylvia for your knowledge, insights and inspiration! It has really added value to my life. After gone through the sessions, I managed to discover the goals and the way to achieve them. It has made an impact on my life and I am still trying to improve myself day by day.


Vincent Chow

Founder of Actvilles Consultancy

Sylvia has very sharp observation, intuition and skill as a coach to guide me towards my desired outcomes by using open ended questions. Her caring nature and compassion helps me feel instantly connected during the coaching sessions.

With a combination background of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline and etc, Sylvia is the master in using the right tool at the right time to achieve the best outcome for me. On top of that, Sylvia has a great ability to always bring me back to present when the conversation started to derailed from the coaching context which is something very common to me.

Overall, Sylvia's coaching really helps me a lot in terms of helping me to understand myself better through self discovery.

​Her coaching is 100% outcome driven for me and full of clarity.


Robin Phang

Health Solutions Provider

I am trained as an NLP practitioner but still find inspiration from Sylvia’s coaching. She is bright, enthusiast and the way she train is very organized and structured. Her training provides useful skills to understand one’s values. The values explored can then transform into unconscious navigation system in achieving life goals. Pay attention to her details you will find more hidden treasures.


Linnie Lee

50 岁

从认识Sylvia开始都是元气满满的,所以上她的课是有趣且生动的。 她对教材与上课前期的预备尤其感受到她积极,用心的铺陈与部署。 上课时对学生的耐心与支持让我们有时间消化整合,而不会一直赶时间完成,这对我来说是重要的。 上完”UPGRADE 你的人生罗盘“让我可以在核心价值这个课题有更好的理解,扩大了我的知识。 掏空上课然后把上课后的所得在于之前的学习做链接有种打通任督二脉的舒畅。 谢谢Sylvia 为我的生活添加了更多的Ah HA moment


Jerry Wong

Online Seller

感谢Sylvia的 “Upgrade 你的人生罗盘”,她提供了我另一个方法去解决我的人生问题,也更清楚我的人生目标。她利用了最简单的方式,让我轻松的走向我的目标。她的热忱,亲切的感染力,让我感觉我是被信任和被接纳的。


Melina Ling

Tuition Teacher

因为Sylvia的 “Upgrade你的人生罗盘”……让我的世界清晰明了 理清很久以前的情绪思维 也明确了未来的人生价值观念!谢谢Sylvia温柔体贴的指引 全程都非常有耐心且欢乐带动大家 也备足了精心设计的教材 让我收获满满正能量 喜欢这样的你感恩 再感恩



Sylvia是一位友善,認真,有耐心和很有爱心的老师,在她所教的 "UPGRADE你的人生罗盘"中,让我更加淸楚明白自己的价值观,自己真正想要的,让我能夠更轻松明白的行走自己的人生路。在她课程中,她亲切的笑容,耐心的引导和鼓励,让整个课程充满活力和正能量,学习的非常开心!謝謝Sylvia的爱心!



Customer Relations Officer

I would like to thank you very much for your coaching Ms Sylvia. I'm very satisfied, happy and encourage with what I have learn especially to step out from comfort zone. In order to achieve my current goal, I will try something that I've never been doing before. Thanks to your tips and advices, I learn how to plan and achieve my goal. I know the knowledge that I received will helpful and beneficial for me from now and future.


Fei Lee