When I realign with my core,

I redesign my world.

I was once a very ambitious and confident PR practitioner before taking a turn and become a full-time home maker.​

Blessed with a beautiful family, my husband and kids were at the centre of everything.​

Yes, a beautiful, loving family is what everyone hopes for. Most would say, ‘What else would someone want?’​

That’s true. Somehow, deep inside, I felt like I completely lost sight of my dreams, goals and individuality.​

I always had a strong desire to be successful, to be free and to live in joy. But being a perfectionist, I didn’t feel good enough deep inside.

​I couldn’t stand failing and somehow felt I failed myself, which made me felt more ashamed.

I lived a life pleasing people around me with the hope of being loved. I was trading my self-esteem to be loved. I was depressed.

However my strong desire to live a FREE and FULFILLED life has led to my self-empowerment journey.

It was when I discovered my Core Values – the driving force of my life. The values that I uphold which put me onto the path of living the life I’ve always wanted. Fulfilled, contented and happy.

I learned to love myself again and reclaimed control of my life. In a short span of 1 year, I have transformed from a depressed homemaker to a professional Life Alignment Coach.

Not only have I helped myself to break free, I am now helping others in their self-empowerment journey.

We carry so many burdens from our culture, family, and the heaviest of all, from ourselves.

I truly believe we also have the power within us to come out of our cocoon and transform beautifully into a butterfly.

Since discovering and realigning my values, I’ve become fearless and courageous. I’ve found my voice, know exactly what I want and where to go.

I make decisions fast and take powerful actions, never doubting about my choices. I even create more options in my life for more opportunities to flow in.

I have already achieved 95% of my goals. Most importantly, I have achieved my desired income and have become financially independent!