A fun & joyful masterclass that helps you identify what make you truly happy and how you can achieve them effortlessly

January 5 - 13, 2023

It's not about New Year Resolutions

It's about living your TRUE SELF

New year means a conclusion of the old, start of a new chapter, new beginnings, and new opportunities.

January is when most of us get all excited about the brand new year, listing out all the goals and resolutions that we aspire to achieve, so that we can feel more successful, more proud of ourselves.

As the year goes along, most of our goals suddenly seem too big to achieve. We're not so excited about our resolutions anymore. We can't help but feel:

Loss of motivationLoss of momentumLoss of willpower

If this sounds familiar, stay on.

As this is definitely FOR YOU.

1 painful Question:

"Have you achieved ALL your goals set out in 2022?"​

if this is too embarrassing to answer, let me tell you this:

95% of us fail in keeping up with our New Year's resolutions just after 3 weeks

It's time to change your approach and experience the difference

Achieving what you desire can be fun and effortless. It doesn't need to be stressful or burdensome

What we remember most are moments.

Moments that we live for. Moments that give us a sense of purpose in life.

What’s important is to take all the best moments along with you, and learn from the rest.

You’ll then discover how to unlock the magic of a purposeful life and truly experience a joyous year.

No matter how big or small your desires are, I’d like to share with you how you can achieve the life you want in 2023.


Unearth The Secrets of

Extracting The Essence

Honoring the past by extracting the learnings, and letting go of whatever that's no longer serving us, so we can start with a clean foundation going forward.

Extracting The Essence

Harnessing the power of intentions, to transform ordinary days into extraordinary moments, and start manifesting the life of our dreams in 2023

Extracting The Essence

How to raise your vibration so that we can be an energetic match with our joy and happiness, which involves uncovering myths about money and success

Extracting The Essence

Gratitude is a powerful and peaceful energy. Celebration is gratitude in hyper speed. How can you integrate the celebration energy and put yourself in a space where you can celebrate genuinely and authentically without any fear?

This is for you if you want to:

Achieve Greater Happiness

Achieve Sense of Purpose

Increase Motivational Spirit

Improve Emotional Wellbeing

Boosting Self Confidence

Better Self-Mastery


Beyond Resolutions is NOT
a program about goal setting, but a fun discovery that equips you with the power, vision, clarity, and readiness
for the new year, empowering you to transform your life.​

It will help you look deep inside your inner self and discover what truly makes you happy and actually live it. The driving force that propels you to take action and control your life.

The time is NOW! Discover the best version of yourself and make 2023 your most inspiring year ever.

What's Included

5 x LIVE Broadcast

(SGD111 value)

Mark your calendar for online LIVE sessions with me for this fun experience with practical guidance to help you transition into 2023 with intention. Can't make it? No worries, we'll record them so you can watch them later.

Human Design Reading

(SGD150 value)

One participant will receive his/her Human Design Reading LIVE by Sarah Meng. Sarah is an Astrology and Numerology coach as well as a medical QiGong and Yoga Trainer.

"Gifts in The Darkness"

(SGD88 value)

A LIVE online class with Kwong Wai Wai on how we can navigate through life circumstances of darkness & embodied the pain into our greatest gift to shine our light. Wai Wai is a Soul Walker & passion Business Coach

1-on-1 Life Coaching

(SGD170 value)

Regardless of the topic of choice, be it related to Beyond Resolutions or any other aspect of your life, you'll get a 60-min coaching session with me before 31/3/2023

Private Community Group

(SGD111 value)

Join an intimate group with those at the same path as you in living a more intentional life to connect, share, reflect and chat.

Ongoing Support

We are on this journey together. Me and my team are here to celebrate and support. Extra resources will be sharing with you along the journey to help you live your best year and beyond.

If we haven't met yet.

Hi, I'm Sylvia

I was a high achiever who pushed myself towards attaining one goal after another, thinking that my success is the accumulation of goals achieved. (Obviously, there are many other forms of success too :p)

I have been making New Year's resolutions year after year. However, I'm one of the 95%, who gave up more goals than actually achieving them.​In 2022, I started consolidating the many goal-setting and resolution programs I've attended or tools I've applied over the years. In September 2022, what caught my attention was that I realized I've actually achieved 63% of all intentions set in January!

This became a transformational tool of choice and helps me live my days with more presence, more joy, and more surprises. The best is, I've started to attract more and more miracles into my life!

And it makes my heart oh so happy to share the magic of this amazing experience with lovely humans like yourself in a way that’s easy, effortless, and fun.

Are You Ready to Take The Next Step to Create a Powerful YOU?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates and start times of each Live broadcast?

The 5 Live broadcasts (approximately 45 to 60 minutes) will take place on January 5, 7, 10, 12 & 13 at 8:30 pm Singapore time (UTC+8) via a specific zoom link.

The Bonus Class by Kwong Wai Wai will be announced during the masterclass in the private group

I can’t be there for the live broadcasts. Will there be replays? Will I get as much from the replays as I would from live sessions?

The replays will be provided within 36 hours after each live broadcast and you will have access for one year.

This is a journey about you, regardless of live or replay. As long as you put in energy and effort to create the life you have been wanting, your life will be rewarded with magic. Trust it.

What would I get from the masterclass?

The Experience will guide you to dive into your intentions for 2023. Prior to that, we will extract learning and wisdom from 2022 and gently release the mistakes, blocks, and fears that you no longer needed.

A few tools are created for you to set a strong clean foundation before crafting your desired moments to experience that truly harness your limitless inner power. On top of that, top with a guided visualization to help reprogram your brain and supercharge your manifestation, be a true creator of your own life.

You will also gain a more multi-dimensional view when it comes to Success, Wealth, and Celebration.

As long as you take part in this experience the way you take part in your life, 2023 will be a turning point where you start to sense greater happiness and joy with ease.

Is there a Refund Policy?


The 3-Day Money-Back Guarantee until January 6: Refunds can be offered until January 6 or within 3 days of your purchase, whichever comes later. After that point the course is yours and you will have one-year access for you to listen at your convenience.

Due to the digital nature of the content, once that deadline has passed, no refunds are available.

Do I get support/Direct Access to you?

Yes! If you need help or need clarification on some of the modules, have a specific question about the course, or simply want some advice/motivation, you can easily reach out to me in the Private Community group.

Again, we are on this journey together and if you have a strong desire to live an amazing magical life, I will have the same desire to help you reclaim your magic.